ESPN had its 30th anniversary, the documentary series 30 for 30 launched, Which 30 significant sport-Events from the years between 1979 and 2009 documented. CollegeHumor has now 30 for 30 made his own and the events from Rocky transmitted IV in this transmission format. Was also, when Apollo Creed indeed 20 Minutes to „Living in America“ would have danced, fatally injured only then in the second round against Drago to go to the ground? was, when Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago would have actually given in Siberia each other like a madman on the cap? was, when the Soviet masses would have no reason at all suddenly changed sides and Rocky cheered? If that were the igniting sparks been, which have fueled the East-West negotiations and finally led to perestroika and glasnost, which has in turn gemündet the end of the Cold War and the Berlin Wall? Sounds so crazy, that it might be true again almost.