The final of the 6. Squadron „The Walking Dead“ indented always closer - and with it the loss of main characters from the popular Zombie-Series. The first death is to give it back in the next few episodes. Now it is, what is involved in the last three episodes and how glad. Worried you ever many handkerchiefs and a supply of valerian tea. The last three episodes are really really hard!

Was uns in den letzten drei Folgen "The Walking Dead" Squadron 6 expected

The fans of the zombie series of AMC are certainly agrees, that a season with just sixteen episodes passes much too quickly! Ehrlich said we would not mind a double dose of Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Zombies, Action, Drama and struggle for survival. However, the bitter reality is different: Three episodes are ahead, then we need to October 2016 and the start of 7. persevere Season. The US side „SpoilerTV“ has published the first rough information and the title of the next three episodes, which already give us a slight clue, what to expect in the rest of the season.

„cross“ – The first losses

the 14. Episode, the most 21. March 2016 will be broadcast on FOX, is titled „cross“. Goods Heath and Tara in a row 12 nor as support at Ricks side in the fight against Saviors, be made both, after it appeared, as if Rick's troops defeated the enemies, to the already planned search for stocks. For two weeks, the two want to medicines, keep food and other useful items for survival in the Apocalypse eye out. the 14. Episode of Season 6 should accurately revolve around. However, according to the content description, the two find no supplies, but only anger and problems. Already a few weeks ago was rumored, that Heath and Tara hit the Saviors and thus in serious trouble. other Spoiler even report them, that this meeting will be fatal…

Was uns in den letzten drei Folgen "The Walking Dead" Squadron 6 expected

„The Calm Before“ – The calm before the storm

the 15. Episode, the most 28. March 2016 will be broadcast on FOX, is titled „The Calm Before“. The episode title perfectly describes the last episode before the dramatic finale - it's literally the calm before the storm, before we then consecutive 16 Deny auf Treffen, the blame will have, that there will be more deaths in Ricks group. In the 15. Succession, is the small group of survivors in a terrible situation, that drives them to their limits, and they, So „SpoilerTV“, most likely can not cope.

„Something To Fear“ – Bloody revenge on Alexandria

the 16. Episode, the big finale, is most 4. April 2016 broadcast on FOX and entitled „Something To Fear“. After the tragic events in recent episodes – is far from over for the drama Ricks people. Eugene falls into the power of Dwight and is taken hostage. The Saviors pick from for the final strike, to take revenge on Alexandria. In this context, Rick and the others come finally to the leader of the Saviors, Deny. He shall be an „brutal lesson“ teach, the self deeply shocked the previously-bitten survivors and calls them in mind, it out but is still something there, they fear. The finale is so blatant, that even the performers were shocked them. Andrew Lincoln had nightmares about, Lauren Cohan did not want to get to the set and Ross Marquand had that day put the script reading repeatedly aside.

Was uns in den letzten drei Folgen "The Walking Dead" Squadron 6 expected