There are many different methods, get rid of hiccups, but what can tell us the science to it and why we get ever a hiccup?

Hiccup, in medicine hiccups (year. Sob, death rattle) stated, caused by involuntary, rapid contraction of the diaphragm, wherein closes the glottis. When inhaled, the typical hiccups noises caused, when the sucked air against the closed glottis rebounds. There are numerous tips, how to get rid of the hiccups again. Most are controversial in their effect, but you can, for example, with the thumb and keep the ears with little fingers, the nose and thereby hold their breath or sing loudly, Drink vinegar, can frighten or sugar Eating. All dies reizt den Parasympathikus, the part of the autonomic nervous system and may therefore the problem is solved – And if not, Wait for help. What technique do you use for the Hiccups? get rid of?