1997 the world was still in order! „Young people need pension - no jobs!“, Friends, that it is even a party platform with hand and foot! This is the party 1997 in St. Pauli least on 5,3% come.

1994 the APPD was refounded. It was decided, Now to compete also in elections. In the state elections in Hamburg 1997 reached the APPD in St District. Pauli 5,3 % of the vote and was fourth strongest party there. 1998 joined the APPD with its leading candidate Karl Nagel with the slogan "work is shit!"And" drinking, Drinking, only drink every day!"In the general election on. However, they reached only nationwide 35.347 vote (0,07 %) and therefore lack the necessary 0,5 %, To order the voters pay back the election expenses reimbursement in the form of a proposed "Free Beer Fete". Finally, the party was 1999 redissolved.

APPD choice Spot 1997