Friends, you have the first season of Prequelserie „Fear the Walking Dead“, the yes only 6 Follow consisted, durchgeschaut? Here the outbreak was illuminated, makes the bloodthirsty of harmless people biter. Until we Staffel 2 Of „Fear the Walking Dead“ can see in April, is still a little time go by. To shorten your waiting time until the start, has AMC first teaser released and we learn more about Cliff Curtis‘ Expectations of its role of „eternal optimist“ Travis and two new additions to the cast.

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2 - Promo and Sneak Peek

The spin-off series to „The Walking Dead“ tells the onset of Zombie-Apocalypse from the eyes of the family to Madison Clark and Travis Manawa. In the second season is the question, how to back infected with other people, to save his own life, at the center. After the initial first encounters with the first walkers there is to be seen in the second season much more undead threats. In the first preview videos we already get a glimpse of the events, the us in the new episodes of „Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 2 Mid-April 2016 be expected.

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2 - Promo and Sneak Peek

In the second season of the post-apocalyptic drama Family, the survivors on the ship „Abigail“ save and thus for the first time in the history of „The Walking Dead“-Search Universe protection on the water. An overly large time jump between the two seasons of „Fear the Walking Dead“ is not to be expected, because the protagonists have to process so some, after the ragtag troupe but had so take some losses in the end of the first season. Especially Travis, played by Cliff Curtis, it will not have easy: In the finale of the first season he shot namely his ex-wife Liza, because it was bitten by one of those infected. In an interview the 47-year-old actor explained to the difficult situation a little more, in Travis is now.


Cliff Curtis commented against MTV: „He has definitely changed. You can not go through it, then do not change without you. But Travis is a lot stronger, than you expect. He is one of those manner… He's not really a macho, especially not in relation to the other series of men. He was with all these soldiers, all made a to alpha male, Machos just. And then there is also Salazar and then the fascinating figure of beach, and even his girlfriend, the somehow even more quickly adapt to this new situation - to act first and then considering the consequences. This is so these Antithesis, in which it is currently located.“ Moreover Travis really believe in the principles of humanity. „He is really totally understood as an optimist and idealist. He was perhaps broken, but I think, he is more resilient, as we believe it. He sees, where he goes now and decides, who must be he, to cope in this new world.“

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2 - Promo and Sneak Peek

However, not only Travis has changed, his relationship with Madison is not so, as it was before. They had to go through some common lows and it was not always just for two. „What's funny and strangely also a spark of hope, is, that although they at the beginning of Season 1 were totally in love with each, But then farther and farther away from each other. then, at the last moment, at the end of the first season, they come closer again. So there is still hope, that their relationship is even stronger by this need and that they will take care of it, build and find out her family, what is needed, so that the family can survive.“ Anyway, we are very excited, how it goes for Travis!

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Since the beginning of December 2015 is the cast of „Fear the Walking Dead“ in Mexico, where the shooting run in the famous Baja Studios on the upcoming second season. The showrunner of FTWD announced already, that escape out of the water was not necessarily a promising solution in the context of the zombie apocalypse. So still numerous dangers to survivors wait, started with the usual suspects, The Walkers, to other survivors, which give them the sweet life on the luxury yacht quickly turn into a nightmare. Who this „Pirates“ will be, to have no information known, However, two new supporting cast for Season 2 announced, give the possibly already first indications of their identity. Daniel Zovatto (24) is a born in Costa Rica Option New York and could some of you already made the horror film „It Follows“ be known. Unfortunately Its role is no longer known as the fact, that he a „recurring role“ will play, which means, that his appearance may extend over only a few episodes away.

Fear the Walking Dead

Another new addition to the cast of „Fear the Walking Dead“ ist Arturo Del Puerto. The Spanish actor can look back on an impressive filmography, said her from him, for example, „Ride Along 2: Next Level Miami“, „Agent X“, „Navy CIS“, „The Lottery“ or „Chicago P.D.“ could know. To his role, also as „recurrently“ designated, gab Deadline an: „He will play Carlos, a more subdued guy, but has a spiritual understanding of the world.“ How do these two men will stand by our survivors, is from these meager information is not visible, unfortunately, but we can probably assume, that they are still making their acquaintance during their stay at the Abigail.

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2 - Promo and Sneak Peek

„Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 2 starts on Sunday, the 10. April 2016, In U.S.&A on AMC and as usual the next day also at our Prime on Amazon Instant Video available. In this case, should the 2. Season of whole 15 composed consequences and the hole between the sixth and seventh season of „The Walking Dead“ to stuff, previously ran the scales of the main series of October to March of the following year. to Season 7 to stimulate and to fill the summer slump, follows „Fear the Walking Dead“ Season 2 immediately after the final episode of the main series.