the 4. Sequence of „Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 2 to be the most powerful and exciting so far. So what's in „Blood in the Streets“? What did the beach in front? Look here, giving us the Promo and Sneak Peak video too episode 4 reveal.

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2, Episode 4 - Promo and Sneak Peak

Since its first appearance at the end of „Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 1 belongs Victor Beach to the most enigmatic figures of the series. While you had to be him at the beginning of the second season grateful, that he took with our blended family on his luxury yacht Abigail and fled with them to sea, crystallized in the course of the last weeks always out more, that the motives are not quite so selfless. He now seems to have definitely put in his head, as soon as possible to Mexico at a self-storage, which has protested over a fairly exclusive guest list, to get. The summit was then in a row 3 when he the only two survivors of Flight 462, Alex and Jake, helplessly left to their fate, by severed the rope, that held this boat the two with Abigail. He has now probably Madison as his „ally“ Lost, such us the Promo-Video for the next 4. episode shows. The video also shows, that it will seem to be Nick, of that guarded area of ​​the self-contained community explored alone, while the rest of the family(n) remaining on the Abigail. But no there is protected against further threats, because the crew members get obviously unexpected „visit“…


The official synopsis for episode 4 is: „The group can be a help-seeking family aboard Abigail. Strands past gradually comes to light. Nick is looking for a colleague from the beach.“ If one believes the first Spoiler-Previews, it handlet at this „Family“ by two manner and a supposedly pregnant woman, the over Wehen complains. Who they are and what they want from the people on the Abigail? According to the spoilers, the paths of these people and our survivors have previously crossed ever. Is this mysterious Jack, with which Alicia had yet so well understood by radio? But beach is evident from the beginning suspicious and know immediately apparent, who are these people and what they're. If the Abigail still got by pirates from Episode 2 caught? that „seeking help family“ in any case does not want to because of any pregnancy symptoms to Abigail, already tells us yes the promo video – On the contrary,, because that our patchwork family is apparently being held hostage in their own ship! So while the rest of the crew of three people let overcome on a boat, Nick, meanwhile, is looking for business partners Strands ashore. A first Sneak Peek tells us, Nick arrives floating there, because betrayed as the last seconds of the video, those community seems clearly to be guarded by military helicopters and the Coast Guard!

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2, Episode 4 - Promo and Sneak Peak

Apparently Nick is in that episode more than once, but change twice his clothes – said his outfit at the end is completely black! What has Nick well as before? One thing is certain however,, Beach has left the blended family only one reason to Abigail – because Nick. So beach looks obviously something in Nick, what no one else sees in him, why the two a while unequal, but emit very strong duo. Subsequently 4 we will finally learn more about the mysterious captain of Abigail in flashbacks. And that will probably, by all accounts, what we were able to see the last few weeks, awaken a deeper hatred of beach in us, because so are all fears, his wealth could not be acquired quite as lawful means thanks, not at all unfounded. Beach has some skeletons in the closet and just what we are coming Monday discover. So will his story with the Hurricane „Katrina“ in New Orleans starten, where Victor beach lost everything, what he possessed and by us to L.A. to lead, shortly before the outbreak of the epidemic, where he again an existence had been able to build. But, As I said, this is not, because he had such a brilliant business acumen – not at all, because so, as he was going, that's all damn sketchy. A detail from Strands personal life will very particularly blown away from the stool – and if we can spoiler other sources believed, is this is to Strands love life…

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Who, incidentally, was disappointed, that the storyline around the survivors of Flight 462 In Folge 3 already found a so abrupt end, we are also in a row 4 nothing said by Alex‘ learn and Jakes whereabouts. But according to testimony of the actress Michelle Ang (Alex) we have the two, or at least Alex, probably not yet seen the last of. A whole mini-series 16 to conceive Episodes, then abzuhandeln the end of history in a few minutes, would indeed be wasted. But until we know more about Strands past…

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2, Episode 4 - Promo and Sneak Peak