Next Monday it continues with the 2. Season of „Fear the Walking Dead“. In Folge 3 „Ouroboros“ we finally learn, who from the mini web series „Flight 462“ has survived. The following Promo-Video tell us more about this and shows us, who it is! In addition, the Abigail is heading for Mexico - but what does that mean? What leads Captain beach in Shields?

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2, Episode 3 - Promo and Sneak Peak

When 2. Episode „We all fall down“ did not save on Drama. tried our troops, hang her unknown pursuers, by in the Bay of „Catrina Island“ hidden. However, on that island they are not alone and they meet there on the family of a gamekeeper, which seems surprisingly well cope with the Apocalypse. They build their Eating itself to, have electricity, Water and supplies. But appearances are deceptive, Papa George plant, to redeem his family with the help of poison pills, as our ex-junkie Nick finds in a secret Espionage Action. It finally comes, as it must: will , the daughter, swallows one of the pills and dies. Still in her mother's arms she turns and bites her in the neck. The situation escalates, why Maddy, must Travis and Nick flee back to the yacht and leave at the end also little Harry with his brother. But what is the ship's crew in a row 3 „Ouroboros“ expect?

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2, Episode 3 - Promo and Sneak Peak

In the 3. Episode we learn, who from the web series „Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462“ has survived! How many fans already suspected, actually managed the Boy Asian named Charlie alive from the plane – obviously together with Drake, however looks next to her in the lifeboat anything but healthy. In the video we see them running towards Daniel, which warns the group in front of the approaching walkers, but apparently in vain, because a little later we see them all in desperate combat with the undead. Will they join the group? For the group Charlie would their knowledge certainly a profit. All in all, in „Ouroboros“ (an ancient symbol of a snake / a kite, eats of its own tail) in any case to be another shore, with passengers of Abigail, especially Chris, take the crashed aircraft closer look. Towards the end of the video we see even Travis in a diving suit, who has apparently struggling under water with some complications, while Madison calls to him frantically from the ship. What's he doing there at all?


In Folge 2 Daniel was indeed out, that beach plans, to drive to Mexico. Beach is probably one of the most mysterious people in „Fear the Walking Dead“. Although he Maddy and Co. took up with him, so his motives remain unclear. But we can probably say with some confidence, it certainly was not out of pure charity. This guy is really up to, Daniel already suspected and it therefore resulted 2 took to cross-examine. What he has to hide? After Daniel continued sniffed a little, he found out, that Daniel wants to Mexico. But what he wants there? As we thanks promo video & Synopsis for episode 3 („Ouroboros“) learned, he is confronted in the coming week also of Madison with the unexpected destination. We are curious times to its declaration… In Sneak Peek for upcoming episode we will witness in any case a very interesting call:

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it is Night and beach is as so often alone on the bridge of Abigail. With a Satellite phone tries, to reach someone. The first attempt fails and that seems to stress him clearly. When he finally gets through, we hear half desperate to ask him: „Are you there? Can you hear me? I come!“, before ultimately by giving his position. Who could be on the other side of the phone? Another group of survivors? Friends? Enemies? People, with whom he has a score to settle? Or even his family? He did not share his interlocutor in any event with, that he has other people in tow. We are already totally excited, as on Monday, the 25. April 2016, In Folge 3 „Ouroboros“ will continue. Do you have an idea, like wen da beach? And what searches Travis underwater?

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2, Episode 3 - Promo and Sneak Peak