After the dramatic catastrophe of sister series „The Walking Dead“ proposes the 2. Squadron „Fear the Walking Dead“ own, soft sounds - and convinced. At last the long wait was over and „Fear the Walking Dead“ went to the next round on the wide sea. In the 2. Episode called it: Land ahoy! See here in Promo- and Sneek Peak Video to „We all fall down“ what the survivors expected, when they again have firm ground under our feet.

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2, Episode 2 - Promo and Sneak Peak

While the sister series despite declining quality and a consistently low budget ratio is breaking records churning and the Pubikum the level Limbo regular show not be impressed and remain true to the series, could it, if it were up to AMC, Shows the zombie universe Comic-Creator Robert Kirkman give to the actual apocalypse. The first season „Fear the Walking Dead“ had quite their weaknesses, but it was written consistently entertaining and clever. And so the second season of the series deserves attention. So now flee our survivors out to sea, because they believe, there to be safest. But here lurk countless dangers, like us follow 1 „Monster"showed. Power Our Troops acquaintance with potential pirates?

Vorschau "Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2, Episode 2 - Promo and Sneak Peak

As mentioned, we have in the 1. learned Episode especially: Walker can swim! But in the first episode to season 2 we got an inkling, listen to what dangers lurk on the high seas: Namely especially people! those, who had possibly brought the ship to capsize, approaching inexorably now our crew on the Abigail. At whatever threat there as well always Comes, the passengers succeed next week obviously once the shore, as you can see the promotional video. To all appearances, must Maddy, Travis and Co. make a stopover and are already ashore from a Horde infected expected. it'll be fun! Daniel is the infected with his weapon certainly not be able to stop alone, even if you can see the other already fight valiantly beside him. But what will our survivors ashore?


The synopsis tells us something more about this, why the group will disembark. it is said, that the group „with a family of survivalists“ Seeking shelter. While Madison „in search of the true motives of the family“ was, try Daniel Salazar, uncover the mystery of beach. His suspicions even seems to go so far, we heard him say, „We do not need beach“. What did he just prior? And what has all this crashed with this airplane to be, in which Chris roams? Has this about a bit with the fate of Flight 462 doing? And who are the people armed, coming at a time on board? Is this that family, in Madison & Co. „shelter“ SEARCH? Not likely, or? Could it be the people of the mysterious ship, devoted to the Abigail approached at breakneck speed? We are excited!

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In contrast to the template has „Fear the Walking Dead“ not lucky, To determine from season to season. To start the second season it was for the post-apocalyptic spinoff of Robert Kirkman whopping 34 percent downhill, what an audience of 6.7 million meant. were In the pilot episode in August 10.13 Zombie million fans there and curious, as the outbreak of horrifying epidemic in Los Angeles proceeds. Compared to the final episode of the first season, which flickered across the screens in October, had „Fear the Walking Dead“ after all, still 3 forfeit percent. A meteoric rise as the original, the 2010 was launched with five million and 2015 up to eighteen million viewers could attract to their TV screens, is therefore probably not to be expected in this case,.