With his short films inspired Adam Pesapane, better known as PES, schon des öfteren. A native of New Jersey Director, erreichte nicht zuletzt durch seinen preisgekrönten und Oscar nominierten KurzfilmFresh Guacamole“ notoriety. With „Paper“ veröffentlichte er jüngst seinen neuesten Streich, which is certainly not only delight car fans. In thousands (!) self-drawn pictures and a camera, he creates something, what most do not even hammer out on PC. Very large cinema!

PES’s new film for Honda. Dozens of animators and illustrators, thousands of original drawings, and four months of work. Everything in the film is done by hand and shot in camera.

Honda "Paper" by PES | Emmy Nomination - Outstanding Commercial of 2016

Auch das dazugehörige Making-Of ist lohnenswert sich anzuschauen:

Honda "Paper" - Behind the Scenes with PES