Wow! Friends, this recording, which, incidentally, shows an abandoned hospital in Germany, is not genuine! Somehow yet. Because of space, one sees, there really. He was photographed a hundred times by a procedure called photometry, so that the all depths, Proportions and distances can recalculate exactly by wavelength differences. These data can then be just such realistic environments, generate in the following VR demo. Very impressive! Because that's really the very first time, I can make no difference to reality more. If you continue loving the, you can from now theoretically any place without visiting him to visit.

The technique that is using to capture environments is far from new, but their implementation of it is incredibly refined. In concept, photogrammetry actually dates back as far as the 1400’s when Leonardo di Vinci worked out the process of perspective and projective geometry. The process works by compiling a number of different images taken at various angles, and calculating measurements in the geometry based on differences Between THEM. In order to capture these scenes, the team took a series of images of the space in a way to maximize parallax inbetween pictures and then uses those images to calculate the distance between points and create depth. For more complex shapes and details, like chairs and the TV, the team takes shots from multiple angles around its depth.
(via uploadvr)