In New York they have actually turned a complete school bus in a VR display and mapped the streets of Washington by GPS on the surface of Mars. Actually, I'm against the commitment of companies in schools, but this is cool…

McCann New York and Framestore transformed an ordinary yellow schoolbus into a „bus to Mars“ in a virtual reality experience for aeronautical giant Lockheed Martin, as part of its „Generation Beyond“ project to introduce kids to space travel.

As a group of kids travelled to Washington DC’s USA Science and Engineering Festival, Sponsored by Lockheed Martin, The Windows of their bus screened 200 square miles of Martian Surface, faithfully replicated by Framestore using virtual reality technology. The system even enabled the view to Change and turn when the bus turned — and the class didn’t need to wear headsets or 3D glasses, making this what McCann calls a „group VR“ experience.