Vikings is clearly one of the highlights of the series productions from recent years. In three seasons were far 29 Follow shown. Meanwhile, it is clear also the date for the start of the fourth season of Vikings. Thus, the first episode of Season 4 at the 18. February 2016 aired on History in the US and Canada.

Even in the new episodes must not be dispensed with diverse conflicts with Ragnar and Lagertha the focus. New Cast of Season of Vikings include Peter Franzen and Jasper Pääkönen, the or the role of the Norwegian king Harald Fine Hair. his brother Halfdan will take. Fans of the series may be 2016 are particularly pleased at the start of the fourth season. This is in an elongated shape with a total 20 new episodes around Ragnar and Co. give. A date for the German broadcasting is not yet known so far. The third season was in the summer of Amazon Prime in Stream provided, whether the 4. Season runs similar, will show…

Vikings ( Season 4 ) - trailer VO