the TRAILER the 5. Squadron „Vikings“ completely without spoken words and the focus is clearly on the battles, we will face in the new episodes. After the murder of Sigurd, the bond between Ragnar's sons has finally broken. Brother against brother pulls into the fight and Ivar seeks yet always after life of Lagertha, the reigns as queen in Kattegat. Floki has, however, turned away from his friends and discovered Iceland.

at the 29. November 2017 starts 5. Squadron, the first full-without an audience favorite and main character Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) have to do. Not the only loss, had to endure in the last season the fans. Many important figures, the partly since Episode 1 With this, have 4. not survive Season. The focus of the story shifts increasingly to the now adult sons of Ragnar. Therefore tremble fans just before the start of the new episodes to the rest, older characters of the show. It seems the future of Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) to be uncertain. The shipbuilder has recently not only his best friend, but also his wife Helga and their daughter Lost. Now he has separated from his Viking group, to overthrow their own with the ship into the unknown. Could this also be a sign, that soon he passes away? Is striking, that Gustaf Skarsgard a new role in the HBO series „Westworld“ got hold. What can thus trigger a new project, we have already seen in Clive Standen, he got the lead role in the action series „Taken“ collared and since then his character blind is only sparsely in „Vikings“ to see. A change is not in sight, after this year for a second season was ordered. Floki could thus in Season 5 die or it blooms a similar fate to blind and he disappears for most of the series from the scene.

While the characters of the first hour in the 4. are visible Season aged and no longer the energetic warrior, seems to be an unaffected: Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). Creator Michael Hirst has almost been turned into a kind of superhero. While the characters are clearly aged around them after all these years and leaps in time, Lagertha still looks young and tender, as the start of series. Meanwhile looks even her son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) older, than. They survived every battle without major injury, has leased eternal youth for themselves and getting the luck on their side. from Lagertha, which was once an exciting character, is „Eye Candy“ become. No wonder hope now numerous „Vikings“-Fans have literally out, Hirst that ended this spectacle and Lagertha in 5. Season kills. Indeed teaserte Katheryn Winnick a bloody battle between Ivar and Lagertha to, the disfigured seems the Viking warrior to survive. Many were convinced, this is the beginning of the end and Lagertha is in the final of 5. Season to die and give us an epic season finale. But even Winnick these rumors smothered by the on Instagram with a script from 6. Season posing.

The new trailer is packed with previously unseen scenes, which is especially boosting the anticipation of the comeback of the Vikings. Unfortunately we have to until the end of November Patience to practice. As mentioned, the new season starts on 29. November on US television, a day later, the series is in this country probably on Amazon Instant Video go on. Then we can look forward not only to bloody battles and exciting fights, but also to new countries. The new trailer shows again, like the Vikings, especially Bjorn, ride in a desert on camels. A surreal image, which represents an interesting contrast to the cool home of the Norsemen. History is celebrating the start of the new season with an extra-long episode. the 1. Consequence will be for two hours, betrayed like the official YouTube channel of History.