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„The History Channel“ announced today, in summer 2016 a spin-off of its popular series „Vikings“ broadcast, that „Valhalla“ to say. In Midseason Finale of 4. Season versa Ragnar after years of absence returned to Kattegat. The audience take on four new actors, embody the characters, we all know very well.

"Vikings" Squadron 4

The midseason finale of 4. Season "Vikings" had an interesting novelty and surprise in store. Years after the defeat in Paris, Cowgirl Ragnar Lothbrok back to his home Kattegat. There a lot has changed in his absence. This is apparent to the viewers, when suddenly four Boy manner appear in front of Ragnar, we have not seen before. At least not so. After the time leap we learn Ragnar four sons Hvitserk (Marco Islø), Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen), Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Sigurd (David Lindstron) know, which now no children are more. You no longer depend on Aslaugs coattails, but are young men become with swords in their hands, who not seen her father for years and know hardly. With Ragnar five sons - Björn (Alexander Ludwig) should not be forgotten at this point - is the future of „Vikings“ So secured definitely, even after several times announced death of Ragnar.

"Vikings" Squadron 4

With the new line of the children of breath of fresh air after the time jump in the series. For each one of Ragnar's sons has a different personality. Particularly the physically challenged Ivar could quickly become a fan favorite. Ivar differs from his other brothers, he understands Ragnar, but not respected him so, like the other brothers. He makes fun of him. He's a bit like, as Ragnar is to all other. But we have to wait a bit longer, until we get more new of the four actors and so Ragnar adult sons to face. After the midseason finale the series going once in Pause. When the remaining 10 episodes of 4. Squadron „Vikings“ be broadcast on US television, is not fixed yet known.

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As mentioned receives „Vikings“ With „Valhalla“ a Spinoff, wherein we are to have the opportunity, reunite in a credible manner and beloved long lost Charktere, so the creator Michael Hirst. Much to the occupation is not yet known, but George Blagden has already signed as Athelstan, who was sent wrongly to Valhalla, instead of the sky. His journey will reflect its decisions on Earth, to figure, whether he wants to stay or would like to be reunited with his true God. Kevin Durand will play Odin / Harbard, Jessalyn Gilsig will again assume the role of Siggy, having children there deserve after their heroic rescue Ragnar Lothbroks a place. And Jefferson Hall is aspielen Torstein, who definitely has a place in Valhalla, as he stood bravely the soldiers over.

"Vikings" Squadron 4

will return Whether Gabriel Byrne as Earl Haraldson or Thorbjorn Harr as Jarl Borg, is written in the stars. But we remember, that Jarl Borg died by the blood eagle, has without screaming and shown thus, to be the great hall worthy. The cast is definitely not yet been definitively set and so Hirst toying angeblicherweise with Christina Hendricks in the role of Freya – and to hold on to, Chris Hemsworth for the role of Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, but their commitment to prevent Avengers well, to the roles inherit. but who knows?? Would be awesome, or? And who else would you like to see?