Google Maps provides the ability, to look at a variety great places in 3D. for example, the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon. An interesting feature, but we are Ehrlich, the fun factor comes here a bit too short. The thought is probably also the developer at Google and now pursue a new app a playful approach, to explore the world. In „Verne: The Himalayas“ can the Himalayas as a small Yeti – with Jetpack, Glider and roam on the hunt for exciting information.

Verne: The Himalayas - Explore the world with Google 3D Maps

The environment of the game is completely based on the maps of Google Maps and so offers the possibility, to explore this beautiful mountain from eye level. For this you take on the role of Verne, a cute little yeti hunts and Giant Wild Sheep, flies through the air and kicks mountain bells. Information can be found among others in the form of mountain huts and speaker post, telling in text form and audibly about the Himalayas.


Messing considered of course that is a bit poor, but just like Pokémon GO is focused on „Verne: The Himalayas“ more on, to explore the world. And because one or the other Pokémon Trainer is not yet fit enough, to climb in the Himalayas, introduces the new Google app a safe alternative… ;)

Verne: The Himalayas
Verne: The Himalayas
Price: Free