What would be, wenn man den Strom komplett in einem Vergnügungspark weglässt? Dann kann man daraus einen verdammt genialen Vergnügungs-Spielplatz bauen, in dem sämtliche Fahrgeschäfte alleine auf Basis der durch Menschen verursachten Energien in Gang gesetzt werden. The Italian Restaurant Ai Pioppi offer this brilliant backyard Kinetics Park. Looks maybe not very reassuring at first glance from, Adrenaline and fun are guaranteed but, when you see the following photos.

In the foothills of the Dolomites, an hour or so north of Venice, lies Ai Pioppi, a restaurant that’s home to an astonishing, Giant, human-powered, kinetic-art theme park playground. It was designed and made by a man called Bruno over forty years, and it’s free for folks who eat at the restaurant.

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The Human-Powered, Giant Theme Park Playground: Ai Pioppi