The opponents of the revised Law on Inspection BÜPF have started to collect signatures for the referendum. On Tuesday they presented their arguments. No say the opponents to the associated violations of fundamental- and liberties, particularly but not only are the methods described in BÜPF, as the smuggling of State Trojan opponents an eyesore.


In the spring session, Parliament had the revised law to monitor the post- and Telecommunications (BÜPF) approved. In order to monitor a suspect is to be adapted in criminal proceedings to technological development. New expected the law enforcement agencies, for example Trojans in Computer infiltrate, To these can listen to and monitor for example, Skype calls. Say the state may, provided that the revised BÜPF is waved through, apply methods of hackers and crackers and so the reason- restrict rights and freedoms of Swiss citizenship. How much these days is absolutely disproportionate, as not only do we find.

An Advocacy Alliance, the young parties of the right and links belong raises hand: the Boy SVP, the Young Liberals, the boys Green Liberals and the JUSO. In addition, the Greens, the Pirate Party, Organizations such as the Association of Fundamental Rights, the digital society Switzerland or the operation Libero and the IT industry. Specifically criticize opponents, that law enforcement agencies should continue to install to prosecute crimes monitoring software on computers or smartphones – not only in cases of murder or terrorism, but even at relatively small offenses such as theft. From the perspective of opponents is not only disproportionate, but also dangerous: For installation should vulnerabilities are exploited. This creates a legal black market for vulnerabilities, can take the criminals also.

Petition against the revised surveillance law BÜPF

Problematic the State Trojans are but according to the opponents and therefore, because the system not only monitors, but also affect or data can be changed at all. So evidence could be manipulated, the state can not guarantee, that does not happen. In addition, State Trojans are unnecessary, argues the Coalition. Also in other ways, it is quite possible, intercept encrypted communications. To work around Skype and other providers on a court order out with the authorities. The authorities could in groups Internet – about a child porn ring – infiltrieren, to access information. The fact that the legal assistance takes a lot of time and the infiltration is complicated, does not speak from the perspective of BÜPF opponents against such methods: Maybe that was not bad, because the risk is small, that the authorities monitor too often. Criticizes the Action Alliance also because, that phone boundary data is stored, that law enforcement authorities can access it when necessary. Such data provide information on, who, when the phone with whom how long. Here though everything remains the same: The data would – differently than originally planned – kept with the revised law no longer than today. In the eyes of the enemy, the retention should be however generally abolished. At the very least, the data should have to be stored in Switzerland.

Opponents now have until 7. May time, 50’000 collect signatures, what will hopefully succeed. Who wants to actively help, to get the signatures together, takes on Stop BÜPF all it takes to, Signature bow, Passersby stop and brochures. Good luck!