I like it!

Surveillance cameras have usually not with their special of. Ulo is different! Ulo looks like an owl and interacts with the environment to boot. Her eyes follow a moving and when the camera takes a picture, winking owl. Walks slowly the battery is running low, Then the owl fall slowly closes her eyes.

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Head software preview

Ulo can be both placed on a surface as glued to the wall. Inside there are among other things a camera, a motion sensor and a wireless-Module. The latter ensures, that you immediately, if the owl finds an inconsistency, receive an e-mail with video recording. the Kickstarter Campaign, the inventor Ulos Vivien Muller has launched, currently stands at about 555’000 Euro - slightly more than the targeted 199’000 Euro. Nor can this campaign for Ulo 149 Euro to buy…

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