The WDR shows to today 22:55 Watch a documentary, based in part on the film material, have recorded during their odysseys with their smartphones the Escaped. the TRAILER alone is touching, the document itself could be impressive, especially as it is likely to take a look at the theme parks of refugees, should have so far seen only very few people.

For many refugees, the mobile phone is an indispensable means of organizing their escape. At the same time they transported with memories of the left behind and some document thus escape stations.

In social networks circulate countless clips, not tell about it from the flight to Germany, not from a safe distance, but from the immediate vicinity. The documentary #myescape has collected such escape stories: the (Handy-)Videos of the refugees tell of their home, of her farewell, the various stages of flight, arrival in Germany, and finally the first impressions here. The refugees comment their footage in-depth interviews. The result is an impressive picture at close, of people, die ihre Heimat verlassen müssen und sich auf den Weg machen – auf der Suche nach Sicherheit.