Wer auf Zombies, plenty of blood and not too serious moments stands, is to today 20:15 Clock with „Z Nation“ definitely have on the pay-TV channel SyFy its fun. The series will be happy with „The Walking Dead“ compared, whether this comparison is apt and whether it is worth the bloody spectacle to watch, you read in the following lines.

Z Nation

At the center of „Z Nation“ steht der Versuch einer Gruppe von Überlebenden, the suspect, to have an antidote found. Und das scheint im Körper von Murphy (Keith Allan) to put, which is immune to the bites of Zombies is the only man. In California, they want to develop a cure with the help of Murphy in the last functioning laboratory of America. Doch das könnte sich schwieriger als vermutet herausstellen. Because in addition to the difficult journey, Murphy has a secret from the group…

„Z Nation“ stands in the shadow of a series, which has been so successful worldwide, dass sie nun eine Companion Serie erhält. We are talking about „The Walking Dead“, welche seit mittlerweile fünf Jahren Zombie-Fans auf aller Welt glücklich macht. Now SyFy dares zoom and comes with its own zombie series to compete with the big AMC production. Significantly trashy, bloody and not quite so serious was found 2014 the new series „Z Nation“ (see for example the Zombie-Baby Trailer) and Fans, who have already seen both series, agree with it: „The Walking Dead“ behält die Krone und das Zepter. Today the 29.07.2015, Starts „Z Nation“ im deutschen Fernsehen auf Syfy und nun gibts Mittwochs für Serienfans always a double episode, alternatively synchronized or in the original language.