Today is Saturday radiates ARTE to 23:25 PM in the series „Berlin-Live“ the first time a Apocalyptica Concert with the singer Franky Perez and thus demonstrates its several world premieres: Some songs from her new album to play at this show for the first time live.


Since the mid-nineties, the graduates of the Sibelius Academy show, that play the cello and represent Headbanging a contradiction in terms. With three cellos and drums Apocalyptica were with her METALLICA-Covers an absolute export. In a new series of „Berlin Live“ we see the Finns with an unusual complement, namely the singer Franky Perez, which also on the brand new album „Shadowmaker“ participated. „Killer-Refrains, delicious dark undertones and good old speed metal“ promises the announcement and the intimate Berlin live atmosphere is perfect for, to transform the hall into a cauldron. At the same time Eicca Toppinen can, Paavo Lötjönen and Perttu Kivilaakso and drummer Mikko Sirén play all their virtuosity and prove once again, why even after 22 Years of band history neither average, nor boring and rightly the epitome of „Cello-Metal“ and crossover of a special kind.

Repeats the broadcast can early birds both on 4.5. and at the 14.5. each to 5 experience pm.