TV-Tipp des Tages: Slasher slaughters today through evening program

Tonight shows the pay TV channel 13th Street, the premiere for acclaimed Horror-Anthologe „Slasher“. Here all the episodes of the first season within a few days as part of an event programming will be shown. It starts today Monday, the 19. September ab 21:50 Pm with two episodes and by Thursday shows us 13th Street each two further consequences of the horror series, either in the original or in German dubbed version. Here you have to make as a genre lovers not worry, that the series was cut, because we get exactly the version to see, which were already served the Americans in March. In Slasher kehrt Katie McGrath (Jurassic World) as Sarah Bennett in her hometown Waterbury back, only to find again a short time later at the center of a grisly series of murders, comprising the striking similarities to the infamous murder of their parents. The bestial „executor“ drives his relentless havoc and kills everyone, running his path. Every victim brings new secrets to light. Other roles embody Brandon Jay McLaren (Graceland), Wendy Crewson (Revenge) and Steve Byers.

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