Tusk: Bracelet as Smartphone Holder

I do not know now, if I should find totally stupid or absolutely awesome this bracelet by Derek Rieger. as well as always, Derek has invented a bracelet, the same is a flexible smartphone holder and one as his quasi Phone „freehand“ can use. Originally, the part of people with a handicap has been developed, but the potential ie the target audience for this Invention is far greater. Who Derek in the realization of Tusk (Telephone Utility Support Kit) aims to support, This can be done by Kickstarter do…

„A wearable device that allows you to dock and operate your phone hands-free anywhere and everywhere!“

TUSK is simply a dock with an articulated arm that you can strap around your wrist. It’s biggest downside is that it uses 3M adhesive to stick your phone on the arm, but Derek says the adhesive can be peeled off relatively easily and won’t leave a residue on your device. You can pledge at least $39 (USD) on Kickstarter.