Tucker & Dale vs Evil 2

Friends, since more than six years we are waiting for continuation of Tucker & Dale vs Evil. The stars were not always good for the eponymous false killer duo. In small circles, the indie production was indeed celebrated abundantly, a gold mine but has not opened for director Eli Craig and his producers, however,, therefore always the question arose as, as „Tucker & Dale vs Evil 2“ to be funded. A question, which seems to have now, however, officially clarified.

As the two main actors Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk were asked about a sequel, always followed the sobering answer: „We do not believe, that it will ever happen.“ That was with one of the producers, who then made contact with the men and assured them, that Tucker & Dale vs Evil 2 as current is like never before. The project is officially in the works and not yet Labine Tudyk have anything to say against. The boys have even not let it take, to put fans in a recent Convention on notice. yeah! The two anarchists Tucker and Dale therefore return and are therefore likely to soon coincidences can decide, like certain circumstances be interpreted. Whether we again expect an alleged slasher or the filmmakers surprise with a completely new concept will show us the time. Tucker & Dale vs Evil 2 is not available while 2017 expected, but at least fans now have the certainty, that it continues…


(via Slash Film)