Today at 11 AM Greenpeace published Nederland parts of the secret TTIP negotiating texts, at the same time provide Greenpeace experts the contents of this RE:publish before. The leaked documents show, that by TTIP massive environmental- and consumer standards could be undermined. This contract must never never come into force!

TTIPleaks: Secret TTIP documents for download

„Trade agreement with such far-reaching impact should be discussed openly and transparently negotiated“, said Jürgen Knirsch, Expert on trade for Greenpeace. „Everything else is undemocratic and a threat to the gains of the civil society.“ Thus crunch provides the explanation for the publication of previously secret TTIP negotiating papers. Because although alone more than half a billion people are feeling the effects in Europe, are the negotiations between the US and the EU so far to the population a single black box. In Germany for example, the negotiating text is in two monitored reading rooms in the Economy Ministry and the US Embassy. The public has no access. Only the members of the Bundestag, the Federal Council and selected staff of ministries are allowed to see the papers - for two hours, under the supervision. And even that only since the beginning of this year in response to the massive protests of TTIP opponents. What does it say, Do not leave the room: Neither copy nor as a spoken word - there is absolute secrecy.

TTIPleaks: Secret TTIP documents for download

After all, the world's largest trade agreement intended to create TTIP. Finally a piece of transparency comes into the negotiations - but not at the initiative of the negotiators. Greenpeace Netherlands published the hitherto largely secret negotiating texts. the 13 Chapter filters with almost 250 Pages about half of the entire agreement, and show the state before the last week completed 13. round of negotiations. Indeed, the texts confirm all fears: The trade agreement engages heavily in European regulations to protect the environment and consumers one - more than previously thought. An attempt to abolish the precautionary principle in force in Europe, the products allowed only, if they are not harmful to humans and the environment. Instead threatens the introduction of the risk principle applied in the US. This works exactly the opposite: Once everything may be permitted - unless, the harmfulness of a product is clearly demonstrated. It is no surprise, that more than in the US 170 GM crops are approved for cultivation, in Europe only. The European precautionary principle is mentioned more in TTIP text at any point. Fits to, that American agribusiness, the precautionary principle is increasingly castigates a barrier to trade. the US will prevail, could push far banned GM crops or other controversial products such as produced with growth accelerators meat on the local market with TTIP in Europe.

In addition, a preliminary analysis of the documents confirmed a number of other critical points. Advanced EU environmental laws on food safety or chemicals threaten weakened or eliminate them altogether. Industry representatives say a key is given in important decisions, will not be considered during the concerns of civil society. The planned mutual adaptation of legislation between the US and the EU would be built according to the current state of the lowest common denominator. European laws about food labeling or cosmetics were threatened. „What so far came from these secret negotiations to the public, sounded like a nightmare. Now Knowledge we, could very soon become a reality it“, so crunch. „TTIP shakes the foundations of the European Environment- and consumer protection. The agreement threatens rights and laws, that have been hard won over decades. This Agreement shall not enter into force.“

Download the documents at TTIP Leaks or Pirate Party Switzerland.