Mexican director Guillermo del Toro resulted in Director „Hellboy“, was a producer at „Kung Fu Panda 2“, is the creator of „The Strain“ and Writer in all 3 „The Hobbit“ Film. The next project on his list is the upcoming Netflix Animation Series „Troll Hunter“. In the series of control and people are living in a kind of parallel society juxtaposed. Trolls live under and the people on the earth. Actually both species rarely encounter. One day, the trolls have a problem, because dark figures threaten their world. Your mighty warrior sacrificed himself to the magic amulet, which gives the trolls force to protect. Now the trolls looking for an heir for the power and hit the little insecure boy Jim. He is the last hope of the trolls and share with a few friends, Jim enters the battle against evil to. Netflix currently has a first TRAILER published and looks not bad. at the 23. December 2016 starts the first season on Netflix.