Fuck yeah, Contortionist! How many thousands of hours of yoga and stretching exercises have the guys because please graduated? My facial features derail me alone just from watching! Breakdance is taken the whole way not strictly. Even bones are at the „Dance“ not broken in the ideal case. So forget the headline. What show the two men since contortion:

The term contortion (year. contortio rotation, Whorl) describes a form of acrobatics demonstrations, in which the artist turned his body into positions or bends, which seem to be beyond the reach of most people. Contortion is often part of a circus number.

A contortionist, also called Contortionist, is thus an acrobat, which can extremely bend his body on the basis of years of training. Generally contortionists have an unusually high natural mobility, which is then further enhanced by special gymnastics. Those: Wikipedia