Friends, Do you know Trey Cliff? To me he was completely unknown. But if a certain J.J. Abrams loses a few sets for my About Me page, then seems to properly what to have on the box. And if even a certain Hans Zimmer is joined to, one even properly, a whole lot on the box. And if one reads, what Trey Cliff writes about himself, it is shameful, because in fact it seems to be quite famous. Among other things, he was the one, who made the very first HDR photo, which now hangs in the Smithsonian. Lest you the best even through times, who he is, because shared shame is finally double shame or so. This same Trey Cliff happens to have its drones to shoot a really nice from the last three years Video zu­sam­men­ge­stellt:

I love crea­ting stran­ge stuff with quad­c­op­ters! Here’s foo­ta­ge from the past 3 years when I’ve been tra­ve­ling the world. It’s kinda dif­fe­rent, but I hope you enjoy the idea. :)