Schicker little sci-fi short film The CGBros über eine Zeitmaschine, significantly more than 88 Mph has upped. And otherwise it is the DeLorean far ahead. Because they can race not only through time, but at the same time to any place of our galaxy. Der Film endet zu früh, so I hope, that the people working behind the project to continue…

When a group of friends discover a secret code on the dark-web, they build a jet-powered craft to attempt jumping to the far side of our galaxy. But when they succeed, they unwittingly open up earth to the ‘aware’ – civilizations who are advanced enough to ‘jump’ through space.

Earth sits at a crucial way-point in the universe and has been targeted for illegal colonization. Only our adventurers can stop this – if they prove to the galactic council how nefarious the security chief’s plans are. Such a quest will take them to the far edges of the galaxies and the far-flung worlds there.