Train to Busan - Two Trailer

As the title suggests, is a train in the center of the film, which is a horror trip. Workaholic Seok-Woo (Yoo Gong) has too little time for his daughter Su-An (Soo-Ahn Kim). Together with her he wants to visit his ex-wife in Busan. But the train are not allowed to father and daughter, to rebuild a relationship, because they have to fight for their lives. Just in den Moment, in the train departs, is the station namely Zombies overrun. a Zombie-Girl passes unnoticed while on board and soon calls his first victim. Without train driver, it is now unrestrained by the South Korean countryside, during fighting in the train compartments Seok-Woo and the other for survival. The new work by director Sang-Ho Yeon („The King Of Pigs“) is a Mashup from zombie schlock and the 1985 Action Reisser „Runaway Train“ and looks super-funny…

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