Somehow what is wrong with the story of the terror bombing – and there were no junk foods for lean Models – bei Germany’s Next Topmodel. Not Stories, about celebrities which „prefers“ were evacuated, would already be worrying enough, that's all just distraction, Opium of the people, so you also always nice what has to be discussed and that significant loses from view. The Seriously friends, the story appears as a wonderfully staged show the fascists, to the Polizeistaat continue to vorantreiben. Or in other words: Had this „Topmodelterroristen“ not given, they would have from the SS to be invented by our intelligence agencies.


It is precisely this police state, who stands in the criticism for a long time, whether in Germany, us&A or Switzerland, the secret surveillance of innocent citizens still seems not to go far enough. It's been an incredibly clever move by the „Terrorists“, to cover precisely Heidi Klum's inhuman model show with terror bombing. So they provide the fascists again a „Reason“ more, the police state drive and get this even applause from the whole Topmodelglotzern, which is likely to largely recruit layers from uneducated, whereas the intersection of Klum- and monitoring critics should be quite large. Well, since we are looking forward to an exciting yet finale of Germany's Next Top Model on 28. More.