Obviously awaits us at the start of the new season a very special scene with Rick Grimes. Perhaps we are facing a dialogue with Negan, where Rick once again has to admit defeat, which has cost the lives of friends. Much is about the coming 7. Season not yet known, but one thing is certain: It is emotional and cruel. Lauren Cohan, embodying the series Maggie Greene, promises an intense and explosive Premiere. First information about the new season, the most 24. October 2016 Starts, We have provided for you here together.

The Walking Dead: What we in the 7. Staffel - Trailer and Images

Following the dramatic events in the "Walking Dead" finale of Season 6 we may look forward, In the 7. exploring relationships Season, we have not seen before. So it is quite possible, that The death in the first episode, the dynamics in Ricks group upsets, because Rick anyway are to blame for the death of previously unknown characters. If other members of his group think exactly, it is not unlikely, that the group of survivors falls into Alexandria and regrouped. Zuletzt hat bereits Carol aus freien Stücken die Gemeinschaft verlassen und befindet sich nun mit Morgan in einer neuen Community, the „Kingdom“. A first fraction is already apparent. Lauren Cohan has said in an interview with „and! News“ confirmed, that 7. Squadron „a very intense, explosive start“ will have and that the fans „a roller coaster of emotions“ is expected.


After all, we learn at last, who can jump Negan to the sword. Then there is emotional not only for spectators, but also the survivors from Ricks group must go through a tragic time. The question, Deny wen im Finale der 6. Season killed, remains unanswered. Among the most sought death row inmates are Abraham, Daryl, Glenn and Eugene. Attentive fans, observe the set and filming for months, have noted, that Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) only during the filming of the first episode of „The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7 were present. Since lack of the two, each track. While their colleagues diligently for „The Walking Dead“ shoot, Steven now has new projects and Michael was seen recently grown at Conventions. Negans murders of members of Ricks group will bring the ball rolling, which will occupy us in the next season.

The Walking Dead: What we in the 7. Staffel - Trailer and Images

we Knowledge yes alone thanks to the comics, that Negan likely remain for a while in the Serie us, but as we know, unfortunately,, that we are because of him and his Saviors probably still on a whole series more deaths in our group – in the comics, there are more than a dozen – have to focus. Those familiar with the comics, white but also, that the insurgency and War now gets going properly against Negan. But for now Negan remains in power and suppressed by Hilltop now Alexandria. To torment the group more, should Negan even take one of the characters with the base of the Saviors and keep it there as a slave. The location of Rick and the other seems not soon change, even if potential friends are already close. Although Scott Gimple holds far back with an official confirmation, but everything indicates, that our world in the 7. Season is a little bit bigger. This refers to the „Kingdom“, representing a similar community like Alexandria and Hilltop. Two members of this community, we have already learned. You remember determined yet at the two manner with the strange armor, the Carol Morgan and have come to help. Comic-Fans rejoice especially over the arrival of a certain character in the series: Kingdom leaders Ezekiel, who governs with his Tiger Shiva.

The Walking Dead: What we in the 7. Staffel - Trailer and Images

Thus, we may therefore us really soon forward to an exciting new character in the series. Wann Augustus aka Ezekiel in „The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7 will appear for the first time. With Hilltop and Ezekiel's Kingdom the inhabitants of Alexandria are again two strong potential allies in the fight against Negan and his Saviors aside. As the headquarters of Negan and his companions, so we got in TRAILER already the first impression „Sanctuary“. It is unlikely, that such a great storyline already in complete 7. is started and completed Season, but the first steps towards „All Out War“, so the American title of Comics, should be definitely in the new episodes. If we have so much drama and the start of a war Negan ahead, there are maybe a few positive things, that we can look forward. Some fans munkeln at least, that Carol and Morgan not go without reason alone direction Kingdom and suddenly share the same view of life. Chances are high, that we in Season 7 experience a romance between Carol and Morgan.

“The Walking Dead": First spoiler for Season 7

Negan is not only a devastating opponent, but at the current time also a big mystery for the audience. In Season 7 we learn according to Jeffrey Dean Morgan more about the person, is a nightmare of survivors. The new episodes are dedicated to not only the Terror, tormented with the Negan the survivors in the presence. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has revealed in an interview, that the backgrounds are explained for his trade. „We will find out, as Negan was added to the, he is“, promises the 50-year-old. In the comics Robert Kirkman let wriggle his fans longer and not granted them an immediate insight into the background of new enemies Ricks. This should be different in the TV series. „We are very early get a little history to, act like the Saviors and how Negan acts“, cited „ComicBook“ the actor. So we will finally learn, why the Saviors role as oppressors in the new world after Zombie-assume Apocalypse. Whether we find a direct insight into past Negans, for example in the form of a flashback, but is rather questionable.

Season 7 Begins! #TWD

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as The Spoiling Dead Fans report on shooting, Smoke rises over Alexandria and since one is immediately to various events from the comics recalls – even if the correct sequence for rotation does not seem likely to correspond to the chronological order of events in the series. So Rick were & What., We remember, actually en route to Hilltop, bring to local gynecologists to Maggie because of their mysterious abdominal pain. Keeps the series continue to Comics, Ricks is troop, including the corpse of „Dem-whose-name-not-yet we know--“, travel to the cheerful introductory round with Negan directly there, To supply to Maggie. In Hilltop Rick are & Co. then with Jesus, speak Gregory and other residents about the threat of Negan and the Saviors, where Rick is anything but amused, that Gregory had simply failed to disclose the sheer size of Negans troops.

The Walking Dead: What we in the 7. Staffel - Trailer and Images

Together with Jesus, but without Maggie, which will remain in Hilltop, then return the bent hero back to Alexandria, where to find, that their home community had been attacked in the meantime. Thus, several vehicles outside the walls befänden, who had apparently tried unsuccessfully, to break through the delimitation. Moreover lie outside the walls a dozen corpses – all Saviors. While Rick & Co. be made with Maggie on to Hilltop, took advantage of Dwight and a dozen of his men, the absence of the supposedly strongest fighters of ASZ, to invade the community. But since they had – in den Comics – the bill without Andrea, Olivia & Nicholas made, which repelled the attack of the Saviors with flying colors and could also capture Dwight. In the series, We remember, the remaining residents of Alexandria prepared at Ricks departure yes also to a possible attack before – headed by none other than Father Gabriel. Could the storyline here so follow the comics?

Wie Showrunner Scott M. Gimple announced, he would like the story of „The Walking Dead“-broach Comics. In the comic book diving Dwight and the other Saviors after the murder of Glenn in Alexandria on, to get half of inventories and are threatened by Carl order, that they will soon notice, how dangerous those people were actually the ASZ. As the Saviors then break out again, Carl sneaks into the truck and shoots some Saviors, as open this door. Until he is then finally knocked out of Dwight and taken hostage. While one would expect, that the little Negan simply reflected his Lucille, is the leader of Saviors but so impressed with the self-confident appearance of Grimes junior, he proclaims, he would punish him though, but at the same time instruct him in the nasty methodology of Saviors. And that’s how a friedship was born… Gimple teaserte some time ago, that he would this storyline for the series a little change and possibly another figure could replace Carl's place. And tja, who would as well fit better, as Daryl? A preference for fesche Bikes, hard principles – Fits! This means, Daryl then first some time will remain at the Saviors?

The Walking Dead: What we in the 7. Staffel - Trailer and Images

TWD Family seems to have slipped along close behind the camera a little bit - literally. AUSTIN NICHOLS, we know as Spencer Monroe, has on twitter shared a photo, showing a portion of the cast. Apparently there is a current image. You can see Melissa McBride (Carol), has placed around the Austin arm, Steven Yeun (Glenn), Josh McDermitt (Eugene), Christian Serratos (Rosita), Alanna Masterson (Country), Ross Marquand (Aaron) and Austin Amelio (Dwight). Two big favorite series - Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) - You look at the snapshot in vain.