Soon it continues with the 2. half of 7. Squadron „The Walking Dead“ and it is us War against Negan before. But even as Rick Grimes is looking for collaborators, there is the first defeat: Treachery in their own ranks.

Ricks group has jointly endured much suffering, but it endured in common and is now a team. Now they face the next big test: The revolt against Negan! Now, of the cohesion seems but to falter. TWD star Lennie James confirmed in an interview with „NME“, that the spectators in the new episodes of the 7. Squadron „Walking Dead“ have to face a betrayal. The approaching struggle against the seemingly all powerful Saviors seems to cause, that so many survivors changes sides. But apparently there is betrayal on both sides.

„There are some people, the switch to the dark side and be you perfect surprise“, tells Lennie James Interview, „and there will be a few people, the move to the bright side – and this is all just a matter of perspective.“ Rick Grimes must put losses, but also Negan loses followers. first hints, who could switch sides, there were already in the first eight episodes of „The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7. Especially Dwight and Sherry are on the list of possible Negan Traitor very top. After all, the two have turned in the past ever heard of the leader of the Saviors. But who could be the traitor in Team Rick? The death of Abraham and Glenn all has welded together even closer. They all want one thing: Revenge. One can hardly imagine, it now comes at a fraction, in which one of the survivors just Negan adjoins.

as „The Spoiling Dead Fans“ reported, will probably Eugene feel a bit too well in captivity. Negan took him as a prisoner back to the Sanctuary, but Eugene will fare better there it, as Daryl. After all, he has an important benefit for people Negans: Eugene white, how to make ammunition. Of the Saviors of the so far rather ridiculed Eugene finally gets recognition, which he did not get last in Alexandria. Especially the fight with Rosita could have led, that Eugene rethinks his attitude. as „The Spoiling Dead Fans“ reported, to Rosita and Sasha even try, to save Eugene - but does not want to be saved and refuses, with to come back to Alexandria. According to spoilers and rumors not the only betrayal, has to cope with the Rick: The new group of survivors, they will encounter in a junkyard, is supposed to change sides. At the beginning they are Rick pledge their support, but then start together with Negan and the Saviors an attack on Alexandria.

According to the American fan „The Spoiling Dead Fans“ should also Morgan undergo a conversion and in the 14. Episode suddenly in the „Crazy Modus“ expire. Debt should be a death, Morgan hits hard. Richard Allegedly blame, that Ben – Morgan was recently a mentor – is killed. Ben's death seems to tear open old wounds in Morgan and to remind him of his son's death. Morgan turns completely through and kills then Richard. The Times, where every life is precious, are evident by. If you believe the rumors of „The Spoiling Dead Fans“, we must also look forward, soon to celebrate a reunion with the old Carol. By Carol, the Ricks group once saved from Terminus. Most recently, Carol showed namely from a completely different angle. It had become tired, to constantly fight and kill. In this context, she left Alexandria, to be alone. a plan, the work not quite. Meanwhile Carol lives in a private house near the Kingdom. alone, but not so alone, how they would like it. King Ezekiel seems to have eaten a fancy to her and also equips her Morgan always again unannounced visits from. But as it wants "The Walking Dead" create, the ancient martial- to awaken and will to live again in their? „The Spoiling Dead Fans“ reported, that Carol should finally learned of the death of Abraham and Glenn in the new episodes. Morgan is her accordingly deliver the tragic news, which should lead to, that Carol is haunted by a renewed change. Sie soll daraufhin ihr Haus verlassen und das Gespräch mit König Ezekiel suchen, to request support for Alexandria to fight Negan. Supposedly it appeared in the final of 7. Squadron „The Walking Dead“ on with soldiers from the Kingdom in Alexandria, to this - side by side - to lead in the war against Negan…