In mid-October it finally goes with „The Walking Dead“ more. Da das Midseason Finale always is known for its dramatic shocker again, expect a lot of fans so, that we also in the 6. Season must take back from the main characters farewell. In addition, there are already before the start of the new episodes of the first rumors about the plot in Midseason Finale, the 8. Episode. Even though there are only rumors, we do not want to deprive you of this. Should the midseason finale really be so, wissen we at least now, that we are facing a lot of drama and blood.

The Walking Dead Staffel 6: He who dies in the first season half and what awaits us in the midseason finale?

If one is to believe the observations of the Walking Dead Set, it looks quite thereafter from, as if Rick'a group will remain completely until midseason finale. While there have been various rumors about a death of Abraham, but these do not seem to confirm. The only dead, which have been spotted during filming, were residents of Alexandria. These include Nicholas, the outside of the SafeZone a trap was undoing. Of course there is still the possibility, that the Department has managed this season, to cover major incidents. But so far, the chances are good, that we in the first half of. 6. Season "The Walking Dead" will only lose Alexandria residents.

The Walking Dead Staffel 6: He who dies in the first season half and what awaits us in the midseason finale?

Alexandria is completely overrun in the midseason finale of biters. The survivors are hiding in their homes. Rick, Michonne, Carl, Father Gabriel, and Jessie and her sons Ron and Sam have barricaded themselves in a house, the of Zombies is surrounded. You know, that it will not be long, until they are trapped and look death in the eye need - so they plan their escape. To apply a trick to, we know already from previous Walking Dead Episodes: Daub with the blood and the remains of walkers, in order not to be recognized. The undead can not be perceived the living, If your breath is drowned out by putrid bowels and then Rick Cart & Co. together on the road. They hold each other's hands and try a way to freedom to pave. But the plan fails, as Sam is suddenly attacked by a biter.

The Walking Dead Staffel 6 wird eine "überraschende" new season

Jessie tried everything, in order to save her son, but it's hopeless. Finally, there have also biter apart on. However, she still holds the hand of Carl and not let it go too, as the situation threatens to escalate final. At this moment, Rick must make a dramatic decision: Because Jessie already lost is and he wants to save his son's life, he suggests from her hand, so Carl is released. Ron had to watch, like his brother and his mother are killed - and he is to blame for Rick. He grabs a gun and tries to shoot at Rick. Before this can react, Carl is already on the spot, attempts, to save his father and throws in front of him. The bullet hit him in the face and Carl loses his right eye. After Michonne Ron killed, Rick snapped out completely. He begins, killing numerous biter in the streets of Alexandria. Residents of the small town to help him. Supposedly This scene ends the midseason finale… After the midseason finale, fans can look forward to a completely new Handlungsort. Alexandria was yesterday! Hallo Hilltop!