The countdown to the launch of The Walking Dead Season 6 running and the season premiere is not far off. Below there more to such titles, Synopsis and a new Promo-Video to result 1. Right at the beginning we expect a larger Zeitsprung: We are, according to Greg Nicotero once „in the middle of a heated action scene“ start, before it is subsequently to be explained by some flashbacks to the past step by step.

The Walking Dead Staffel 6: Those who die in the first season half and what awaits us in the midseason finale?

All in all, interpret the recent information about the season premiere out, that we will probably again expect a very spectacular start this new season as well as last year in Terminus, the producers this year developed obviously great fun doing it, round out the audience by any amount of time jumps on the nose. The first episode is the much say Title „First Time Again“ bear, which already aroused some speculation among fans. So the title for example, could be a reference to the very first episode of The Walking Dead, in Rick awoke from a coma and made the acquaintance of Morgan and his son. At the time, Morgan was still the wild killer, the shot without hesitation every Walker, whom he met, which Rick was initially quite shocked, because he still thought the first guy, that it had been a normal man. these roles could now have reversed?

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On the other hand could „First Time Again“ also be an indication, that our band of survivors must now again as at the beginning of the Apocalypse to defend a home – and this standing by all means available. Or else „First Time Again“ simply thinks only, that there is a repetition of a particular scene, a certain acquaintance, could be the beginning of a friendship, what we turn sharply to Rick & Morgan recalls, their relationship to each other at the beginning of the sixth season certainly be a topic. In the official synopsis of episode 1 ie it: „Squadron 6 starts so, that safety is shaken in Alexandria by several threats. To persist, must the residents of Alexandria bridge up to the hardness of our survivors, while many should take a step back from our group, in terms of their willingness to violence and pragmatism, which had become so normal for them. This reversal is not able to take place without further – let alone without conflicts. However Ricks group now fighting for more than just survival… Now they are fighting for a home and they are the defending at all costs and against any threat, even if this threat should come from within.“

The Walking Dead Staffel 6: Title, Synopsis and a new promotional video for 1. Effect

The synopsis suggests, that the path between Ricks unwavering family and the fearful Alexandrians is still far. And yet, there is hope, that both „Bearing“ are closer to each other and thus they fight in the battle for their new / old home side by side. The fact that the group is, however, inevitably cleave under this convergence process into two camps, already indicated the producer some time ago and that Rick will play as the leader of a decisive role, is probably also been evidenced by the promotional video. „The world is no longer the, for thou hieltst“, We heard him say to Morgan at the beginning of the video, a little later he told Daryl, „I will not take any more risk. They will take care of themselves (have to)“. Rick is therefore need to make decisions quickly and inexorably given the threat caused by the Walker at the gates of Alexandria, probably not all are like in the Community.