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The new season is on 11. Celebrate October as American television premiere. But who are the new opponent of Rick & What.? What does the return of Morgan for the group? And they will eventually find a cure? The issues surrounding the upcoming 6. Season of „The Walking Dead“ are numerous and so we have summarized things for you, we already Knowledge.

The Walking Dead Staffel 6

The emergence of Morgan at the end of Season 5 was not only for the fans a pleasant surprise – also Serienkreator Robert Kirkman was very pleased with the return of experienced Zombie Hunter, as he told in an interview a few weeks ago: „Of course, it involves a rather altered Rick and an equally modified Morgan, da consequently a completely different relationship to have another“, largely upholding about the statements of his colleague Hurd, which had even gone so far, in today's Rick a version of the earlier Morgan from Season 3 to see – always nah am Ausflippen, almost paranoid, but made the best of intentions out, to protect his loved ones. „The question will be, how the two will interact, how they will work together – should they, anyway Collaborate – and the, What is clear from these interactions, is basically the backbone of this 6. Representing Season“, so Kirkman. Morgan is probably not particularly pleased at Ricks brutal executions in the finale of Season 5 respond.

The Walking Dead Staffel 6

Goods in Season 5 quite a while people greater threat than the undead, this will completely change at the beginning of the next season. The fact, that Rick & Co. in the coming season so once not a priority with „human“ Will get to do threats, is probably a clear sign, that our undead friends, die Walker, will again have greater performances. This is confirmed by the TRAILER, where despite all gasping danger the „Wolves“ not allowed to keep a close watch. So Greg Nicotero explained in an interview, why he even „Wolves“ so exciting finds: „I Love these guys! Simply because of the fact, that these are people, kill the basically other people, in order then to use them as ammunition and from a whole Zombie-To create army!“ We are excited, What or. who will make our hero there so everything life difficult. Not to mention it could also internally definitely still crashing, because Ricks action in the final should not probably have made all inhabitants of ASZ for joy.

The Walking Dead Staffel 6

In the following three and a half minutes trailer we can see a whole lot: For example, Rick and his „Family“, as well as the people from the Alexandria protection zone. There seems to be some tension, we see excerpts, in the Rick and Morgan are discussing violently on, Rick yells at him and lets directed his weapon during the whole conversation to him. And the Walker are also back at the start and seem more numerous than ever before. Apparently they besiege the ASZ from all sides. Will the survivors find a way? One will not create unfortunately: We can also see in the trailer, that Zombies attack woman… – to whom exactly it is exactly, We might not realize, unfortunately,. Someone calls: „Rick is dangerous!“ It really goes haywire in the ASZ, the inhabitants seem out- Herger and torn between Rick and Morgan. At the end of the trailer we see Daryl, as he sits in the forest on the ground, apparently tied up and threatened by a foreign group! As it is there purely advised?

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The Walking Dead - Season 6 TRAILER

Daryl Dixon is in grave danger and is separated from the group and one thing is already certain: If Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in "The Walking Dead" die someday the Serientod, AMC is a huge Shitstorm before. For several years, fans of the zombie series threaten, one should even think, kill Daryl. „If Daryl Dies, We Riot“ has become the slogan of the die-hard fans and graces buttons and shirts. Ironically, these fans are expected after the first trailer of 6. Season be more than alarmed. We have reason for concern? Apparently not, because producer David Alpert recalls, that the Dixon brothers are not to get so quickly dead. Although because Daryl's brother Merle now no longer among the living, But escape some tricky situations and survived long. Alpert's words sound quite thereafter, as if too Daryl manages to escape again, even if it looks very bad for him. Comic-Kenner suspected, that „Wolves“ the „Saviors“ be replaced in the series. what you think, Who are the strangers, who bent on Daryl?