Who without Spolier the start of 7. want to see Season, Use the following Video better leave. All others have fun at Negan's slaughter recreated in Lego…

Lego stop motion animation of The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 Death of Glenn and Abraham.

Negan chooses to kill Abraham by smashing his head in using his bat, named “Lucille”. Initially steward refuse to spare the rest, but after taunts Deny Abraham's ex-girlfriend Rosita, Daryl Dixon punches him out of anger. Though he spares Daryl, Negan retaliates by murdering Glenn Rhee with Lucille as well, severely damaging his skull and popping out one of his eyes. With his dying words, Glenn tells his wife Maggie that he will find her in the afterlife as she tearfully watches Negan repeatedly bashing her husband’s skull into a bloody mess in horror.