The biggest challenge is Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the survivors in the 7. Season before. In the second season häfte Endorses the team on, to win new allies, why they the mysterious King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) - Accompanied by his tiger Shiva - and Gregory (Xander Berkeley) make representations. Here are the first photos to comeback on 13. February, if it is called again: Live every moment, it might be your last!

The midseason finale has opened our eyes and showed him Rick, that it fails to Alexandria and its inhabitants to protect penalties before Negans, even if he obeys Negan. At the recent visit of Negan in Alexandria, which killed, among other Olivia and Eugene were kidnapped, Rick has moved to resistance. He will be supported mainly by Daryl, who wants to take revenge on the Saviors. the Terror in Alexandria and in many other communities to come to an end. The search for allies begins. For the fans that is especially, the winter break is finally over and the wait is over. at the Monday, the 13. February starts „The Walking Dead“ Season 7B on FOX. A total of eight new episodes are waiting for the fans, where praying Ricks people not only in Hilltop assistance. The group also finds its way into the Kingdom of King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and is just as excited about the idea of ​​resistance, as Gregory (Xander Berkeley) in Hilltop.


Daryl is ready to fight. When he comes back in this final episode and Rick returns his belongings, was like a: ,Let's go. Let's go and beat up this guy. Let's bring back our stuff and this Monster fight. 'So you know, that he is the killer mode. "Dixon spent less than a week as a prisoner of the Saviors Daryl was tormented and tortured. They wanted to break him, hoping, him to win as a member in its own ranks - without success. In the new episode after the midseason finale Rick will get to know a new community of survivors. This may be just about the Kingdom of King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) act, wants to win the trick as a supporter in the fight against Negan. Another Community, which is located in a junkyard, is - the Knowledge We thanks first official images - the first time in Episode 10 see his. Thanks alleged insider news we know, Daryl will probably read aloud shortly Ricks group. There have been in recent months several Spoiler and gossip, according to which Daryl in Kingdom remains and Rick not accompanied back to Alexandria. Pictures of the shooting and sightings on the set confirmed the. But why is that?

as „The Spoiling Dead Fans“ reported, bleibt Daryl gezwungenermassen im Kingdom, because it is the only place, to which it is sure. After escaping from the Sanctuary, brennt Deny darauf, to get the fugitive prisoners back into the hands. know The Saviors, that Alexandria and probably Hilltop would be the first contact points for Daryl and he would hide there. That's why he can not stay there; the danger, getting caught, is too big. Loud „TSDF“ proposes Ezekiel, Daryl remain in the kingdom, offering him asylum, because the Saviors – with whom they have a deal – have so far never penetrated into the interior of the Kingdom. The plan is supposed to come at the right time, because Alexandria already seems the next visit of the Saviors imminent. as „The Spoiling Dead Fans“ writes, to Simon and the Saviors looking for Daryl be, to kill him as punishment. Already in recent weeks has been rumored several times, that Daryl supposedly understands well with Ezekiel's Tiger Shiva. If the rumors are true, we can not wait, to see, as Daryl responds to Shiva. Since this is only to insider news from the fansite "The Spoiling Dead fans", sollte man sie mit Vorsicht geniessen.

After the end of 8. Episode surprised Zombie-Series with a short scene, showing a hooded figure and has since occupied the fans especially the question, Who is this stranger? If it is a man or a woman? One thing is, that or the unknown, the Community Alexandria spied night. Then the figure disappears suddenly in the woods. The stranger could belong to a new community of survivors. Behind the unknowns of the scouts a fourth community could put. The reports the American Fansite „The Spoiling Dead Fans“. During the filming of the new episode, a transition was observed, which dwells in a junkyard. Allegedly meets Ricks group mainly young survivors in the 9. Episode in the junkyard. There then appears a modified Zombie to come as a sophisticated case for use. The biter was transformed into a clever trap to prevent unauthorized access. That's not new. What is new is the small detail, which seeks to prevent, that the case can be turned off with an aimed shot. Obviously survivors have draped not only the body of the Biter dangerous spears, but placed him a kind of iron helmet, which is also provided with spears. This could be prevented, that promoted the zombie with a shot to the head finally to the afterlife.

Tamiel is the deputy leader of a group of survivors be, which dwells in a junkyard. Besides Tamiel we should get to know the real leader of the junkyard community, the Yadis means and by British actress Pollyana McIntosh (Hap and Leonard) should be embodied. Allegedly stumble Rick and his people about this new community, as they make their way to the UK, To win there king Ezekiel combat ally. It is not yet known, on which side the junkyard community is. So we may be surprised, whether they will face Alexandria Negan and Saviors aside or pose a new threat to the survivors.