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After the catastrophic finale of 6. Season of „The Walking Dead“ already taking the first Spoiler In the Internet Greek, which 7. concern Season. These spoilers come for example from the social media team Comic-Series by Robert Kirkman. Although they have their messages processed shortly thereafter, Fans is not lost, what for 7. Season was betrayed. Also director Greg Nicotero gave us already a first taste of the Set. And what role does Heath in the new season? What happens with Daryl? And what role does Negan in the future? Read more here on these questions.

“The Walking Dead": First spoiler for Season 7

The final of the 6. Season ended with a cliffhanger, the left the question open, which main character of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was killed. Now it looks that way, as if the employee „The Walking Dead“ patzen in point confidentiality before starting the shooting. The social media team of comic series by Robert Kirkman has now obviously on facebook and Instagram a spoiler for 7. betrayed Season. For national Pet Day posted the „Walking Dead“-Page a picture of the cartoon character Ezekiel and his Tiger Shiva - including the Note, the fans will both get soon to face. Thus only can the 7. Season of AMC production be meant, because in the comics appeared Ezekiel the first time already in a comic beginning 2013 on. Has thus confirmed, that we are already in the leader of a whole new community in October 2016 will get to see? first hints, that we are approaching Ezekiel and his tiger with big steps, there were already in the final.

“The Walking Dead": First spoiler for Season 7

Carol (Melissa McBride) and Morgan (Lennie James) was found by two men in strange armor, who have agreed, to help the injured Carol. reveals your look, allowing them to the Community „Kingdom“ (kingdom) belong, led by Ezekiel. The social media team is obviously noticed shortly afterwards, that they have to give too much - they changed their prompt Posts on Facebook and Instagram and deleted all references to the 7. Squadron. But the fans did not even miss the slightest misstep. Some teaser fabric also supplied TWD co-producer Greg Nicotero on Instagram. There informed the master of special effects, will be directing again in the upcoming season premiere, a Video, which tests shows with an exploding dummy head. Since we can be pretty sure, that these are harbingers of her-know-what scene, but looks best out for yourself:

Crazy exploding head test using compressed air and water instead of fake blood

One of Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) video posted on

„Crazy Test for exploding head, in which we took advantage of compressed air and water instead of artificial blood“, wrote Greg Nicotero on this short „Behind-the-scenes“-Video, the, so the most obvious conjecture, already could have come from the set to the seventh season. Although the shooting have not yet officially begun on the new episodes, but is probably assumed, that Nicoteros team for special effects for some time must be ready before the performers already, To ask all bloody and nasty props for the final rotation available. Plus just heard also experimenting, how it could look like, if Negan those yet to be defined person with his baseball bat Lucille strikes the turnip! Lets not be fooled, It is here a dummy and it makes no sense, to make any assumptions based on the facial features of this exploding Lord. But it is clear, although Nicotero this only uses water and compressed air, seems that scene represent a pretty big mess ... Especially, when the water finally has to be dyed red and „Blood“ splashes in all directions…

“The Walking Dead": First spoiler for Season 7

And what role might Heath in 7. play Season? In the comics by Robert Kirkman, the function as a template for the series, provides Heath a serious threat to the nasty tyrant Negan represents. After Glenn's tragic death come on in Heath revenge, he opposes his demands and trying finally, Deny zu töten. As producer Gimple let announced recently, was quite possible for the character Heath in the new season: „We hope, that we can let him do a certain thing in a certain episode, which then leads to another thing. So far, much is still open“. So you have big plans with Heath, but really concretely Gimple did not express naturally. Corey Hawkins was meanwhile a major role in the series produced by FOX „24: Legacy“ confirmed and in the footsteps of series veteran Kiefer Sutherland occurs so. However, there is no worry, that shooting with those of „The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7 collide.


One of Josh McDermitt (@joshmcdermitt) gepostetes Foto am

Josh McDermitt, Actor of Eugene, has meanwhile on Instagram a common image with Norman Reedus (Daryl) posted by Set. Is this photo proof, Daryl Dixon lives? The image must be from the 6. Season originate, denn wie wir alle Knowledge, the actors end of April at the earliest to the rotation of Season 7 to Atlanta. Josh McDermitt posted the photo for Walker Stalker Con in Nashville and so one can assume, that this proof of love of Josh McDermitt at his dirty biker colleagues not seen as evidence can, Daryl survives the finale without prejudice. Just as Rick, Daryl and all the others in a row 16 had to kneel in rows before Negan and he finally at the end of one of them mercilessly struck the turnip, one would probably not accept, that there would ever be anything other than deep hatred between these two camps. However Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently emphasized, Negan not only malicious pages per se – On the contrary,! So the comic readers know of you certainly, that Negan builds a special relationship with one of Rick's group. A relationship, which is founded on respect and, it announced now anyway showrunner Scott M. Gimple an, should be addressed in the series.

“The Walking Dead": First spoiler for Season 7

In the comics, the peculiar relationship begins, Deny dass, emerge Dwight and the other Saviors after the murder of Glenn in Alexandria, to get half of inventories. However, our dear Carl is so strongly disagree and threatens Negan, that he would soon realize, how dangerous they were all. then break out again as Negan and his Saviors, Carl hiding in her truck and shoot down some Saviors, as open this door. Dwight wins finally, knock him, before it is held by Negan hostage. While you already might now fear the worst for Ricks son, Negan behaves completely differently than expected: He, normally is totally cold and unfeeling, does not remain unaffected by the self-confident appearance of Grimes Junior. He proclaimed indeed, that he would punish him, but informed him secretly in the methods of Saviors. He is interested also for Carl's past and tells him sometime even, that he believed, Carl would become a serial killer. „serial killer“?! Does not that familiar? So this remark already fell so in the season finale, as Carl before Negan kneeling withstood his gaze and then Negan against Rick explained, he should tear along yes, otherwise he do it with him too easy, „the future serial killer“ to kill…

“The Walking Dead": First spoiler for Season 7

Gimple betrayed to: „There will also be a kind of mix. It could also be, that there will be a different character, the da abbekommt some of it. This relationship will be so shown definitely. Whether it is or not Carl, I can not say that. But I will definitely explore this strange respect Negans for someone else deeper, I think, that this was the characteristic of this relationship and will then tell versions of this story.“ Although Chandler Riggs already teaserte, he looks forward to a „big moment“ Carl in the course of „The Walking Dead“, this could really be restricted to one moment and we could see someone driving other secretly in the truck toward headquarters of Saviors instead. Who could that be? We notice there spontaneously only one a, of at least one motive would, to go such a daring step: Daryl, the continuing search for redress and seeking revenge so to Dwight and the other Saviors.

“The Walking Dead": First spoiler for Season 7

And what Negan? Negan is something special! In Negan there is no either-or, his personality is extremely complex, as Kirkman recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: „Negan Friendly. Deny hat Respekt. Deny ist psychotisch. Negan is ruthless. He's a very complex character, who has a lot of different facets. It holds a great honor. He has a strong value system. I think, He's like no one else, we have so far met with The Walking Dead. He's definitely a different kind of ‚Bad Guy‘. He is sadistic and dangerous and all that stuff, you would just expect the Governor, but he is very much controlled. He is much less changeable and has much less mood swings. He is not a type, simply loses control and people shootin, as the governor did.“ Deny ist herzlos, brutally and without any scruples and also has a certain pleasure in tormenting, which is symbolically represented by his baby Lucille. Because this does not kill quickly and painlessly, but slowly and painfully. So one of his markierendsten personality traits seem to be his sadistic streak, because he just loves, other humiliate!