Friends, If any of you still remembers se „The Host„? Ein unglaublich erfolgreiches Creature Feature aus Südkorea, der dort von knapp einem Drittel der ganzen Bevölkerung gesehen wurde und auch für westliche Massstäbe richtig gut ist. Now comes with „The Wailing“ again as a film of that very country, which also looks fascinating. In principle is the film which, dass sich in einem Dorf Leute anfangen gegenseitig zu töten und irgendwie soll da ein Schamane dran Schuld sein, everything should be other than human. Das klingt ein bisschen klassisch für westliche Verhältnisse, ist in Südkorea aber noch ziemlich frisch. And these are all aspects, which may make the film at least interesting. The film celebrated in Cannes its premiere and is therefore surely find its way to us. When exactly Knowledge the gods, but was at „The Host“ even so. However, even ran, though cut and grottenschlecht synchronized, even on television…

Over six years in the making, director Na Hong-jin’s meticulously crafted follow-up to the globally acclaimed The Yellow Sea and The Chaser (his third to premiere at the Festival de Cannes) smashed box office Records upon its debut in South Korea, where fans are already making return viewings to catch new clues and debate what’s sure to be the most talked-about ending of 2016.

THE WAILING Trailer US (2016) Korean Horror Movie