Fotograf Ajay Malghan macht eigensinnige Makrofotografien von Lebensmitteln mit künstlerisch-ästhetisch ansehnliche Art und Weise. Sieht sehr ästhetisch aus. Partly also creepy. Dark Rye hat ihn besucht und ihn über seine Arbeiten sprechen lassen.

The medium of Ajay Malghan’s photography is food but—hold up, hold up—we know that your Instagram feed is filled with filtered images of half-eaten falafel sandwiches and spicy tuna rolls. We understand, we do, and we feel for you. But Malghan’s photography explores the myriad worlds of food’s complexity hiding just Beyond its seeming simplicity. For instance, an orange. Everyone Knows what an orange looks like, right? But Malghan’s lens toys with the orange until the orange is not an orange but, Rather, a curious image of playful ambiguity. There are many people dancing. Wildfires. And all the things that only you will see.