Tobin Bell is especially known as the clever puzzle Jigsaw Killer. However, the actor returns back this year not only in his signature role, but takes the same time to fight with a feared Monster on. In the horror-Thriller „THE SANDMAN“ Bell embodies a concerned bureaucratic, of assuring a mother and her child support. Claire's little girl Madison asserted namely, by an evil „Thing“ to be haunted. It quickly becomes clear, that it has by no means the whole story devised and the increasingly deadly expectant figure actually exists. Claire and Madison have to work together despite hopeless situation, and quickly find a way, stop the Sandman, before auserkürt his next victim. But strangely enough, to massacres and unexplained phenomena accumulate always then, if Madison is staying just near. open in their presence and close the doors even of its own accord. But why? directed „THE SANDMAN“ led Peter Sullivan (Ominous, Summoned), had during the legendary Marvel icon Stan Lee as a producer his finger in the pie.