The resort - Poster

The British Outpost Director Steve Barker leaves again Zombies parade, has in his latest prank, from the 16. September ausliegt also in our trade, but this time picked unsuspecting tourists on a remote island as a sacrifice for his merciless voracious creations. In „The resort“ has become the world since the Great Zombie-Apocalypse radically changed. 2 Billions dead and countless traumatized souls has the Pandemic cost. But even from unimaginable disasters can make a profit. With „The resort“ a unique place was created, combines the luxury holiday on a secluded dream island with the thrill of Zombie Hunting. A safety system keeps the firing shared undead here in Chess – until it fails. a group of Amateur-Hunters suddenly becomes the hunted. In an attempt, to save himself from the undead mob, come the zombie tourists randomly the monstrous secret „The resort“ on track. After all, real Monster is not biting Undead…

The resort | German Trailer