The Purge 3: Election Year - Poster

at the 30. June, there is in this country in the third round and the TRAILER makes even more with madness, Murder attention - and Frank Grillo, whose survival skills by „The Purge: anarchy“ Also in „Election Year“ are asked. Whether he will succeed a second time, ward murderous psychopaths until the end of the annual cleaning? Finally, apply again the following scheme: In a period of almost 12 Hours allowed citizens commit all imaginable and yet so morbid crime, without fear of consequences. In this Night are police stations, Hospitals and emergency rooms closed - everyone is on their own. The annual Night purge should keep the company in the rest of the year free of crime and is thus an important political instrument - for the current government of the United States. But since it is primarily the poor and vulnerable, covered the spectacle victim, stirs within the population always greater resistance. Even in the political elite, critical voices are raised. Due to the upcoming elections, the regime resorts to drastic measures, to get rid of their opponents…

The Purge: Election Year Trailer 2 (Universal Pictures) [hd]

The Purge movies are always a celebration of violence, how fun. we have fun then on 30. June in cinemas, although that is also more of a film, the you can watch at home. So with friends before the celebrations Go, to bring again the right mood… ;)

The Purge 3: ELECTION YEAR Official Trailer #3 (2016) Frank Grillo Horror Thriller Movie HD