Already before „The Other Side of the Door“ got it lead actress Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) with supernatural ghosts and a prodigal son in Horror „Pay the Ghost“ doing, where she starred opposite Nicolas Cage. The Briton John Roberts can next „The Other Side of the Door“ already look back on an impressive series of horror films in his filmography: He directed, among other things „Darkhunters“ (2004), „F - London High School Massacre“ (2010) and „Storage 24“ (2012).

In „The Other Side of the Door“ wants to Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) adopt only of her dead son, opens at a ritual but accidentally the door between this world and the Hereafter. In India she has her son Oliver (Logan Creran) lost and does not come across this tragedy. In her grief she turns away from all, her consolation donate could, also by her husband Michael (Jeremy Sisto) and her daughter Lucy (Sofia Rosinsky). When she learns of a supernatural ritual, she hopes, her dead child one last time to contact, to say goodbye. So she embarks on a mission, which leads them to an ancient temple, the portal is considered between the world of the living and the dead. Here they disregarded the ban, to open an arcane door. Instead of accepting death in this way better, pushes Maria unknowingly but the curtain to the afterlife aside and thus pushes a gate on, that would be better left closed. The order between life and death is disturbed and Maria gets her wish actually fulfilled: The spirit of her son returned to her and the rest of the family - or is it in the end not Oliver, making soon in Mary's house felt? The dead at least have no good intentions.

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The Other Side of the Door Official International Trailer (2016) Sarah Wayne Callies Horror Movie HD