The Other Side of the Door - Trailer and Poster

From the 2. June mourning Sarah Wayne Callies in this country to their film Son. A car accident it is owed, that he was her torn for all time. Or is there some still hope to see you again? The Trailer to „The Other Side of the Door“ is a desperate woman, everything would be for, to take her child back in your arms. A lady, the experiences of their loss, can you not indeed give, However reveals, where and how they just might get in touch with their child's soul. is causing this namely an ancient ritual, that can bring her son for a last farewell back. She travels to an ancient temple, whose door is a mysterious portal between two worlds. And when they holy commandment, to open the door under any circumstances, disregarded, shaken it the balance between life and death. In U.S.&A flickering „The Other Side of the Door“ in March on cinema screens, played with a Endeinspielergebnis of 3 Million dollars but not a particularly big role. With us it is his audience with the Thriller „Green Room“ must share, brings the Universum Film the same start date.

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The Other Side Of The Door | Ich kann ohne ihn einfach nicht leben! | Clip Deutsch HD German