Bloody TRAILER the horror comedy „The Night Watchmen“ Mitchell Altieri shows the us, that work can be fatal, because here we get a bloody crazy fight for survival in an office complex to see. Actually the eponymous nightwatchman they just wanted to be left alone during her shift. But when a mysterious coffin is parked in the parking garage of the building, takes the mischief its course. The wooden box emerges a voracious vampire clown and not long afterwards, the guards see, the get together with a tabloid journalist, One Horde Attacker against. Rather than flee, take them to the fight against the hungry crowd. The main roles of the stresses trashy splatter fun are Ken Arnold (Men in Black 3), dan DeLuca (Crazy Eights), Kevin Jiggetts (Blood and Circumstance), Max Gray Wilbur (Thrill Kill) und Kara Luiz (The Linda Vista Project) to see, while the director's chair Mitchell Altieri (Holy Ghost People) has taken. The screenplay for office-Carnage was written by Dan DeLuca and Jamie Nash, among other things, for the submission of „Exists“ charge recorded.