With „The Night Of“ hat der oscarprämierte Drehbuchautor Steven Zaillian (Schindlers List) after his feature film „The King's Men“ Of 2006 seated back in the director's chair. In the mini-series consisting of eight episodes, of which Zaillian seven episodes and „The Theory of Everything“-Director James Marsh has a staged, it is about the New York attorney Jack Stone (John Turturro from „Transformers“), der den mysteriösen Fall des unter Mordverdacht stehenden jungen Einwanderers Naz (Riz Ahmed, „Nightcrawler“) übernimmt. HBO had production already 2013 grünes Licht gegeben und mit Hauptdarsteller James Gandolfini eine Folge gedreht. After the death of „Sopranos“-Stars in June 2013 was the at the time still as „Criminal Justice“ set titled project remains on hold, ultimately, the pay-TV channel decided but, still implement the series with a new cast. After Robert De Niro, der die Hauptrolle zunächst übernehmen sollte, got out of the project, went the part finally to John Turturro. „The Night Of“ is a remake of the BBC mini-series „Criminal Justice“ und ging mit der 90-minütigen ersten Episode, the remaining episodes are long one hour each, Yesterday at 10. July 2016 on HBO at the start.

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The Night Of: Seeing Trailer (hbo)