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A new live-action adaptation of Tarzan substance had been 2003 at Warner Brothers in planning. Doch lange Zeit kam das Projekt \The Legend of Tarzan\“ just not progressing. Always wieder wechselte der Regisseur, new writers were hired, and the focus of the story is set differently. The announcement, to create out of the material a three-piece suit, drew circles and was again denied. Only 2012 was done by filmmaker David Yates (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2) the director for the live-action spectacle. Sounds like a good star, under which the film seems to be, die Handlung von \The Legend of Tarzan\“ also sounds more… well:

It's been years, that Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard) has left the African jungle behind and moved to England. Now He lives in London under the name of John Clayton III as Lord Greystoke with his beloved wife Jane Porter (Margot Robbie). Although the once reared by monkeys man now feels comfortable in civilization, he accepts an invitation to the Congo to like. As a trading partner, he returns to his former home, a Chief Mbonga (Djimon Hounsou) meet. Here Tarzan but not noted, that he is just a small pawn in a far-reaching conspiracy, which the wily Captain Belgian Rome (Christoph Waltz) has initiated.

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