The Horde (2016) - Poster

Backpackers have it in the US&A difficult, because hardly puts one foot in the wilderness, calls apparently already degenerated mutants with cannibalistic predisposition to the plan, which feast on the mostly helpless victims. In the first TRAILER to „The Horde“ have this bill, however, made without a battle-hardened Navy Seal, brings his entire arsenal used, to keep the murderous hillbillies from the body. Genre-Veteran Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Costas Mandylor (SAW series), Vernon Wells, Tiffany Brouwer and Matthew Willig accept the challenge and face the threat. Premiere of the twisted Jared Cohn Schlachtplatte will celebrate this month over Video on-demand services such as iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Vudu or Amazon Instant Video, for now, however, only in the US&A. When the film with us running, No idea…

The Horde - Official Trailer #1 (North America)